6 Business Books An Entrepreneur Should Read

Every day we build our own knowledge, But reading is the only way to generate new ideas that transcend our way of thinking. A different approach that, in addition to serving us on a day-to-day basis, can help us make that ‘smart decision’ that will lead us to success. It’s no wonder that daily reading is a hobby shared by nearly every entrepreneur who has had a taste of glory. From Bill Gates, who reads 50 books a year, to Mark Zuckerberg, who has set out to finish one a week, they understand that the life experience of other people can serve as a personal and professional guide.

Analyzing the business failures and successes of those who preceded them and happen to them in the era of startups, or of genius strategists who forged historical empires is just one of the objectives of the reading. After all, they try to understand those motivations that prompted them to act during their life, as well as the point of view from which they observed it. Ultimately, they want to soak up your way of thinking.

So here are some of the few books that every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur should read to get a deeper insight of the business world.

1. The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham

Defined by Warren Buffet as the “best investment book ever written,” Benjamin Graham’s ‘The Smart Investor’ focuses on the person and not on strategy. It stands out for its clear didactic focus on attitude and the role of emotional intelligence when making investment decisions. It also emphasizes the importance of the long term when investing. Although this title is not as mediatic as the previous one, The Intelligent Investor is the reference manual that every professional and lover in the financial markets should read.

2. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carneige showed how to take advantage of social skills. One of the most important qualities when it comes to being successful in life and in business. Far from being a manual that indicates how to handle and manipulate the emotions of others, it is a whole guide to please people and generate that charisma that magnetizes those around us. Nothing to do with current self-help books.

3. Start with why by Simon Sinek

Do you aspire to become a leader and want to possess those leadership qualities? This book makes you realize that you have been focusing on the wrong questions. This book by Simon Sinek examines the most successful companies and how they got to where they are now. It tells you how the most successful companies focused on their specific purpose (the why) and then the product( the What) and the procedure (the how). For a business to reach heights, the primary focus should be on the purpose of their business. What is the purpose of their existence? What change are you trying to make? A business should have a sense of purpose. This book is bound to change your perspective and the ways you run your business.

As an example, apple is a trillion-dollar company and it did not reach that milestone by chance. Of course, there was a lot of hard work involved but what pushed them is their purpose, their aim to make an ecosystem that will bring about changes in the lifestyle of people. They focused on their ‘WHY’.

4. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill presents us with a selection of successes that show how to achieve business success. Thanks to these experiences, he articulates a book that focuses on transferring the philosophy and lifestyle that has led its protagonists to financial success . In ‘Think and Grow Rich’ you can see a clear pattern among those who have achieved their goals.

5. The lean startup by Eric Ries

The world of startups is complex and uncertain. The vast majority fail in their first steps, but these errors are predictable on many occasions. Of course, for this, we must know them, and this is where Eric Ries dissects this business model with an emphasis on learning. A fact that it achieves thanks to the circular model of build-measure-learn, a method oriented to guide a new company towards customer satisfaction. A technique that Eric Ries has also experienced on his own skin based on trial and error.

6. Good to Great by Jim Collins

Good to Great’ is one of the most surprising reads among the 25 most influential business books in history. It moves away from technicalities and strategies to offer us a set of guidelines for our company to differentiate itself from others. The secret of this brand differentiation is good leadership and proactivity among other essential qualities for good business managemen

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