College Degrees Leading To Evergreen Jobs

There are college degrees that lead to evergreen jobs. These type of jobs are indispensible because without them – or even a shortage of them – a segment of the population or even the whole nation can face a terrible crisis. Different countries have different demands and so this was taken into consideration as well in researching this article.

1. Medical Doctor

As the world population increases, so does the need for medical
practitioners. There are a shortage of good doctors almost everywhere
presumable because of the high cost of getting such a degree. The rewards however, are great considering that you are able to help restore people to good health and monetary wise, it is nothing to sneeze at. In fact doctors who specialize in certain branched of their profession such as an Anesthesiologist can command top pay of $400,000 per annum according to

2. Nursing

Just like doctors, a degree in nursing can lead to an evergreen job as
nurses are essential in the health industry just like doctors are. It’s not
an expensive degree compared to being a doctor but it can land you a job in other first rate countries like US, Canada, and Australia. A nurse
anesthetists can have a top pay of $214,000 per annum. So although it is hard work, if you get the right niche then the rewards are great as well.

3. Law

As long as a society exists, there will always be a need for attorneys and lawyers. Countries are founded on constitution and laws. And because society’s laws get more complex as the country progresses, lawyers are indispensible as doctors and nurses are. Getting a law degree can be as lengthy as getting a degree as a medical doctor. So if you are not the type that cannot stand blood and broken bones, then a degree in law can be a good alternative. Top pay for attorneys and lawyers can be up to $260,000. The pay differs though if you work in the government such as being a public prosecutor where you will be having meager salaries compared to working as a corporate lawyer.

4. Computer Science / Engineering

Everything is being computerized nowadays. It’s been known that computers have made some jobs redundant. But nobody can stop progress and there’s no industry progressing at a much faster pace compared to the computer industry. And the good thing about computers is that the technolgy are being driven by global brands which means that your skill can be applied wherever country you wish to reside. The pay is good as well because the demand is greater than the supply. A Software Architect, for example, can have a top pay of $166,000 per annum. The pay gets better when you become a contractor as oppose to being an employee.

5. Accountant

As long as commerce is not dead then there will always be a need for
accountants. If you like numbers then this is a good degree that leads to an evergreen job. Couple this degree with an MBA then your chances of becoming a finance director for a company gets better. So although there are accounting software packages out there in the market, business owners would ususally go to an accountant to get their business in order especially when the transactions get bigger and better. it would be detrimental for the business owner to focus on accounting when there are sales to made out there.

It’s also important to be flexible with your career choices. Although you
have a degree in computer science, for example, if you do not upgrade your skills, then chances are you might find it difficult to find a job. It’s
important to know when to pivot with your plans and different countries may have different evergreen jobs as well or maybe even add some college degrees to the list above. The important thing is to do your research and look at the trends as to whether the demand is always greater than the supply of such a profession by the time you graduate.

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