How to Secure More Likes on Facebook – a Beginner’s Guide

Trying to get more likes and fans on Facebook is something that a lot of businesses worry about. It can have a significant impact on the success of your business as a whole so it’s important that you get it right. When you build up a significant number of likes, you can find that your brand has more authority and new people are more likely to want to like your page as well. So, what do you need to do to get the likes?

Get to the point

One of the easiest ways to build up the number of likes you are getting on Facebook is to make sure your posts are short and sweet. Research has shown that posts with fewer than 80 characters have a considerably higher rate of engagement than longer posts. This could be because it means you can make a clear point and let the fans do the rest for you. The longer content takes time to read and many people will just scan past it and not bother to read the whole post.

Be creative

If you want to bring in the likes, you need to give your customers something to like in the first place. Your Facebook page should be interesting to look at and give people the opportunity to engage with it. Make sure you have bright, eye-catching colours and a profile picture that is relevant to your brand. This makes you easily recognisable to new visitors and may encourage them to click that elusive ‘Like’ button.

Get talking

If you want your customers to like your page, you need to start engaging with them. There are various different things you can do to do that and a combination of all of them is likely to be the best way. When you are first attempting to build up the number of likes on a page, it’s worth reigning in some favours from family and friends. If you can get them all to like the page and ask them to spread the word to their friends, it could well be the start of a very successful campaign.

Competition time

Of course, you then need to go on from that and give your fans something to like about you. It might be that you create a thread that gets them talking or you could be offering them something as a reward for liking the page. Competitions are a great way to engage with your customers because it gets them talking to both you and to each other. It’s important that you offer a half-decent prize for whoever wins the competition as this can actually increase your likes even further. If the prize sounds amazing, chances are more people will want to enter it and will like the page to ensure they have guaranteed their entry.

Professional behaviour

It may be in your interests to hire a social media agency to handle this side of things. These agencies are used to dealing with clients who are already established on social media as much as the clients that don’t even have a presence on social media at all. They will know what techniques are going to bring the most success to your business and will be able to tailor a plan that fits in with the needs of your company and your budget.

Expand the opportunity

It’s all well and good doing things on Facebook to make your page amazing and encouraging users to like it, but you may find that the majority of these likes come from people seeing it appear in their news feed. It’s important that you don’t restrict your potential fans to only finding you on Facebook. If you have a blog or another social media account set up, make sure you include a link to your Facebook page somewhere on these accounts. Actively tell your followers to check out your Facebook page and be sure to give a shout out to any new followers for the week. This can make them feel like they are a part of something and that their commitment has not gone unnoticed, making them more likely to want to engage with you as a brand.

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