How to Write an Impressive Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is something that you’ll come across often in your academic career. Sharing similarities with analysis and argumentative essays, synthesis essays are to be written to demonstrate the writer’s standpoint on a particular topic. 

Writing a synthesis essay can be a tough task if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are in such a situation where you are facing difficulties in writing the essay or the deadline is near, you can connect our custom college essay writing service. We can guide you in writing an outstanding essay.

Here we have come up with some tips and tricks to help you write a synthesis essay. So, read on.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a type of essay where writers are required to source several resources and put all the pieces of information they find to build a single argument revealing the writer’s position on that topic. It’s not just summarizing the major themes from different sources but also explaining the specific relationships among the pieces of information. 

So, synthesis essays require that you be able to draw information from the sources and make an argument. A combination of resources and connecting parts of multiple works to build strong and logical conclusions is what is at the base of every good synthesis essay.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essays more or less follow a specific structure. Though it can vary depending on the type of essay you are writing, but most synthesis essays are formed of these three components.


The introduction will be one paragraph. Make sure that the introduction is catchy and explains the topic and purpose of writing. Sometimes you also need to write thesis statements that present your position on a particular topic. 


The main body of the synthesis essay should be no less than 3 paragraphs. While writing the paragraphs, keep in mind to address a separate theme in each. Start with a new thought on each paragraph and make sure the evidence you present to support your ideas come from a credible source. 

Collect facts from several sources and group them into particular features or themes. Each paragraph should contain information from multiple sources but explaining the same thought. Summarizing multiple sources one by one should not be the aim. The thoughts and themes from the sources should be grouped according to their similarities. If your essay has a thesis statement, you should start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that addresses that statement.

Synthesis essays are primarily informative and thus it’s important to explain how each piece of information found relates to the topic. Both similarities and differences in how each source addresses the topic must be shown. 


Finally comes the conclusion, which should be of one paragraph and should have all the major themes listed. A conclusion should also clarify how each theme connects to the topic. You can also include your own interpretation of the discovered themes and can suggest any further research. 

Writing a synthesis essay is something you’ll come across often in your academic career and you should be prepared for it. The tips mentioned here provide a brief outline of how a synthesis essay should be written. If however, you face any difficulty, you can always connect with our custom college essay writing service. We can and do provide excellent services for writing every type of essay.

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