How to Write Better Essays? Top Tips to Write an Effective Essay

Writing an essay seems a daunting task among students. It’s a common assignment assigned to every student in their academics. They have an excessive workload of their studies, and their study hours are increasing to completely cover their syllabus. To overcome this burden, you can take help from College Essay Writing Service and utilize your time for revising your exams.

An academic essay includes a controversial thesis that is supported by appropriate evidence—whether that can be from any other research sources. Most research follows a standard set of guidelines. There are some basic principles for essay writing that will enable you to compose valuable, effective papers, even if you’re facing a lack of time. Here are some best tips for writing a persuasive essay follows:-

Selection of topic

If you are assigned with your topic, then it’s good to think about how you compose your paper. Should it be a standard overview of the subject or needs a particular analysis? Narrow your focus if necessary.

If you have not been assigned a topic, take an overview of your essay. Then start by brainstorming your ideas; create a free flow of thoughts and note down ideas. Narrow your focus and choose an exciting and relevant topic depending on your essay’s requirement and purpose so you can draft a high-quality essay. Once you have decided the purpose, then you should research for the topics that you find interesting. If you are struggling with finding an essay topic, request your teacher for assistance, and they will help you to find a perfect topic for your essay.

Draft an Outline

Before you begin writing an essay, it is essential to organize your thoughts. Note down what’s already have in your mind, then write the title at the top. Giving spaces under each idea allows you to enter smaller ideas supporting the main idea. It helps you to observe connections and links between ideas more precisely and helps you to write an organized essay. An academic essay’s basic structure includes the following factors:

  • An introduction that consists of the thesis.
  • The body of the essay, which involves separate paragraphs presenting evidence that supports the theory.
  • A conclusion that binds to the idea.

When it comes to how much evidence should be included in an academic essay, a good guideline comprises at least three solid points that directly support your thesis.

Example of an outline:

Introduction section

  • Opening sentence
  • Research statement

Body paragraph

  • Give statistics
  • Information on the subject
  • Research on the topic
  • Add Relevant data, if any.

Conclusion paragraph

  • Summarize your thesis statement
  • Support evidence

Write your essay: Create a thesis statement.

As you have already chosen a topic and prepare the paper outline, now it’s time to write a thesis statement. Your thesis is the essence of your paper, which explains your tutor the purpose of your essay. Your Essays Other paragraphs will be based on this one central idea. In order to write a relevant thesis, you need to go through your outline. Your thesis statement involves near about one or two introduction sentences describing your main argument of the essay. Ensure that your tutors will understand all your paragraphs to observe how well they relate to this statement.

To exceed in this area, you need to ask yourself these questions:

Have I introduced my opinion in the beginning paragraphs? Does the body of my essay support my thesis statement? Does my conclusion state how I have explained my thesis?

Write the introductory paragraph

Introduction is a part of writing an essay. Your introduction consists of background information about your topic and the purpose of choosing that topic. Your Introduction should be clear and fascinating that it can capture your readers’ attention, and your reader can easily understand your topic. 

You can also use an engaging dialogue, information, a story, a quote, or a simple review of your topic but ensure that it matches your principle statement, which will be mentioned in the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.

Write the body paragraphs.

In this part of the essay, you are deemed to define, express, or argue the topic. Body paragraphs are considered as the middle paragraphs that comes after the introduction paragraph. The major building blocks of an essay are paragraphs because they represent different logical stages within the entire argument. A body paragraph consists of three essential elements (i) topic Sentence, (ii) description, (iii) supporting ideas details. Without any of them, the body paragraph is missing something and will add nothing to the essay’s subject matter and central idea.

Write the conclusion section.

The conclusion is also considered as an essential part after the introductory part. In conclusion, students have to give an overview of everything like- opinions, comments, and final judgment comprehensively done in essays. Try to write in short, write a minimum of three to five sentences. Do not include any new ideas at the conclusion; review your previous arguments. The primary purpose of the conclusion is to create a link between the results and evidence. 

Edit and proofread your paper

Don’t submit your paper without editing and proofreading. A student must need to edit and proofread their article before submission, examine the structure of your essay, ensure that if you used the correct format, and Ensure that you have listed the most important points first and in the last paragraph of the essay’s body. It helps you bring perfection to your writing. 


In the end,  we have tried to describe everything that tends to persuasive essay writing in a precise and brief way. As a result, we suggest that you should do practice writing sample essays on various topics. It would be best if you do regular practice and prepared yourself for the best. If you still get confused, you can take help online by searching write my college essay for me and Hire an expert for your essay.

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