Illuminating Your Work With A Hands-Free Head Flashlight

head flashlight is ideal for low-light job tasks, whether you are working in an area with limited power access such as an attic, or if you are working on a project late at night. It keeps both hands free to work with your home improvement tools, and the LED lights emit a powerful white beam which can be adjusted to suit the extent of your line of vision. A head flashlight is generally inexpensive and easy to wear.

One of the most popular is the Petzl E47 PS Tikka Plus 4-LED head flashlight for $30. The highest recommended feature is its comfortable and lightweight feel with cushion forehead pad, adjustable headband and weight of only 2.75 oz with batteries. With three easy to operate lighting levels, the four LED bulbs cast light up to 105 feet at the high setting and 49.2 feet at the low setting. A tilt mechanism allows you to angle the beam where you need it most reducing neck strain. It also has a water-resistant plastic casing for outdoor use. Three AAA batteries are included providing 150 hours runtime on the most economical setting. The Petzl Tikka Plus is covered by a three year warranty.

A more expensive option which is also highly commended is the Streamlight 61052 Septor LED head flashlight which normally sells for around $50 but is available from Amazon for $30. This headtorch supplies piercing light from seven ultra bright white LEDs, each with a life of 100,000 hours. It features three levels of lighting and the included AAA batteries have 120 hours of continuous runtime on the lowest setting. A 90 degree tilting head directs the light where you need it without you having to change your position. It comes with two fully adjustable straps.

The Flood Light Super-Bright Luxeon LED head flashlight normally sells for $20 but there is a special offer of $6.50 from Amazon. For exceptional illumination, the advanced Luxeon technology produces 10X light of LED, with a 100,000 hour-life. The head also has an adjustable angle pivot so the light can be directed to your line of vision. A two-way adjustable stretch headband is comfortable to wear and the head flashlight weighs 5 oz. Three AAA batteries are included and the construction is weather-resistant.

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