Master Your Dressing Style with Linen Shirts

A fine, crisp and perfect linen fabric is an age-old product of invention and innovation. As the year has almost come to an end, it’s time to reinvent our wardrobes with something aesthetic yet comfortable; and with the year we have had so far, comfort is everything that we need! 

Men usually find it awfully difficult to find a design, measurement or fabric of a shirt fitting to their requirements. But when you are in the comfort of your home, you at least don’t want your shirt to bother you during a work presentation! To relieve you of your wardrobe malfunction, Linen Club proposes some stylish linen shirts for men

But before you fall head over heels in love with this fabric, here is the history of the cloth, the process of the creation of fabric, the benefits and ways to style and accessorize wearing a relaxed shirt. 

Journeying through time

The history of the utility of the linen fabric in clothing, is believed to have begun weaving several thousand years ago. In a cave in Southeastern Europe, dyed flax fibres were found, suggesting the use of wild flax fibers to generate linen fabrics that date back to over 36,000 years. 

Linen is a textile and was usually worn by the prosperous class of society, on a daily basis. Linen was worn by priests of that period as well because of the symbolic sign of purity. 

The Linen Club’s special touch to the creation of linen shirts for men

The all-natural fibre of linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant. The harvesting techniques and growing conditions of the flax plant influences the quality of the linen product. The Linen Club chooses to grow flax plants in the ideal, benign plains of Belgium and France. Over the centuries, Europe has been the top-exporter of the finest flax to all countries, around the globe. The reason the Linen Club has chosen these countries is because of the fibres’ glossy and strong features. 

The Linen Club’s expert craftsmen ensure that the final product is perfect in every sense, and every inch of the fabric is washed, boiled, starched, ironed and processed to generate this fabric in a wrinkle-free way. At this stage too, even the slightest or a single defect can lead to the discardment of the entire batch produced. 

Style your ways through linen shirt

While wearing linen, you can never be underdressed or overdressed. Even with wrinkled linen shirts, you can be stylish. Here are some of the ways you can level up your linen shirt style for every and any occasion, at any time of the day:

  • Since linen is a natural fabric, one of the most worn pieces is the white linen shirt. If you are trying to go for the casual look, pair the white linen shirt with a pair of denim jeans to give yourself a laid-back look.
  • While on vacation, you can perfectly wear a pair of white jean shorts with a printed linen shirt, giving off fun and relaxed vibes.
  • A black linen shirt is the ultimate classic look, if you pair the shirt with trousers and sneakers, you are set for a perfect night.
  • If you are looking to pull off a pretty casual appearance, wear a striped linen shirt paired with khaki or cream colored chinos along with a pair of canvas. 
  • A cream linen shirt, with a pair of chinos or black pants, finishing with a pair of slip-ons or canvas, can give you a natural and easy-going look, perfect for your date night. 
  • A pastel linen shirt with a pair of shorts, clubbed with sandals is the ultimate summer party attire. 
  • For a perfect summer wedding, a beige linen suit, paired with a white linen shirt and dress shoes will be great in defining elegance and comfort. 
  • Another clothing item that is well paired with linen shirts are jackets. Linen shirts can be flawlessly paired with cardigans, blazers, and bomber jackets.
  • A linen shirt with a cotton suit is easy yet tricky to pair. While mix-matching the two, remember to keep at least one cloth item loud and the other soft and light. A grey suit with a navy linen shirt or a white linen shirt with either a black or a navy blue suit, give a formal and classy look. 
  • There are many choices available for a linen shirt, but the fit is of utmost importance. A baggy linen shirt might ruin the entire look you were opting for. 

Caring for your linen

  • Linen shirts are easy to care and look after, hence washing them is the easiest way. After they have dried off, you can easily keep them in your wardrobe. Linen shirts act as a natural insect repellent, and keep the original sheen intact for long.
  • Due to its sustainable fabric and lightweight, it can be easily carried for long as well as short trips. 


Linen is the most classic and fantastic material you need to add to your fashion style, especially if you want to look good for a meeting or for a casual meet up with friends and family. Linen shirts for men are perfect as they don’t require much thought in styling up. But because of its easy-going material, a linen shirt can be matched according to your choice. Linen is a strong and sturdy material that lasts longer than most cloth fabrics even after multiple washes, making it durable for a long period of time. Not only is linen a breathable material but it is also considered one of the most luxurious fabrics, because of its intricate and lengthy creation. 

The linen fabric is easy to care for as it is long-lasting and even after years, it still retains its soft touch, which helps you stay cool for hours at a stretch. 
Make a statement with high-quality linen shirts at The Linen Club ( The pure linen collection available is comfortably elegant and classic, completely matching your wardrobe requirements.

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