On July 10 for a Memorable Tour in 2020! Gorgeous places to Visit in Coorg!

1. Barapole River

Those who would like to raft in Coorg for an adventure must head for the Barapole River. The river has rapid levels of classes 2 and 4. This is Coorg’s best river for amateurs and professionals and also one of Coorg’s best places to visit in July. In assisted rafting, armor rafters must go. However, professionals must be certified for a group. You have to come here for an adventure package tour including the Barapole River River river rafting. Because the peak season is between July and September. During river rafting, you can enjoy the exotic beauty of the Brahmagiri hills.

2. Dubare Elephant Camp

To visit the majestic Dubare Elephant Camp, you must visit Dubare Reserve Forest. This is also an elephant training camp and refurbishment site. The elephant trainer can be found feeding them and bathing them in the woods. You can also go nearby and take small and giant elephant photos and videos. In July with children, it is the best place to visit. Your child will have pleasure in these elephants. The elephant sprinkles water on request with its trunk. This camp is covered with luxurious green forest. A safari for elephants is possible and a few parts of the forest in Coorg can be visited.

3. Honnamana Kere Lake

Honnamana Kere in Somwarpet is home to Coorg’s biggest freshwater lake, one of the best places to be visited by honeymooners and nature lovers in Coorg in July, for boat trips to enjoy the views of the lakeside. You have to take the boat to the mangroves near that lake, if you’re prepared to see the wild. The traditional boats can be found with their local people to ride. On this lake side you also have to visit the old Honnamana Temple. Here takes place the annual Gowri festival.

4. Nagarhole National Park

The best destination for jungle safari in Coorg is this National Park by all ages. You can see the River Nagarhole passing through this forest area with its streams. The best place to see many wildlife come here for their thirst is this riverbank. Because of its size you can see many wild elephants. The Kabini backwaters must be visited by nature and bird lovers. The vastness of this forest in the western Ghats can be seen from the backwater up to 4770 ft.

5. Namdroling Monastery Bylakuppe

The Tibetan people and a lovely monastery in Coorge will surprise you. If you want to be surprised, let us say that this is one of Coorg’s favourite places in July. It is the largest Buddhist settlement in southern India. It is the best place to shop in the Tibetan market for genuine Tibetan souvenirs. This temple can be visited by people of any religion and pray for peace. This is the great monastery with lots of architectural details.

6. Pushpagiri Hill

Western Ghats’ lush green meadows. This is because you can find weeds at a height of 5,000ft above the average sea level in the Western Ghats. Yet at 5,626ft above the mean sea level, the Pushpagiri hill lies. You have to walk through the top with mild difficulties. The hills with exotic wilderness can be seen. It’s a picturesque mountain place. To walk and walk this hill in Coorg, a journey is necessary.

7. Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Coorg, Coorg is a top resort to visit in July, both for animal and bird enthusiasts. In its natural state, you can see the wild here. In this forest cover there are many migratory birds. In this sanctuary, wild elephants are more. This forest is a biome of the West Ghats and houses most of the endangered species. No birds, reptiles or butterflies that move freely in this forest must be harmed. To see wild animals in this sanctuary in Coorg it is necessary to make a day trip.

8. Raja’s Seat

This is a former Kodagu Kings recreational garden on a mountain in Madikeri, Coorg. A colourful garden with springs and a toy train will surprise you. From here you can admire sunset and sunrise views. Try to visit the place in the early morning to see the beauty of the western Ghats sunrise in one of Coorg’s favourite places in July. This is the best place to visit all ages and to see the picturesque surroundings of the hill.

9. Tadiandamol Peak

This is Coorg’s highest mountain summit and one of Coorg’s top places in July. Nature enthusiasts need to go on mountain walks to this top, which is 5,700 ft above the medium sea level. You can see how the beauty of the forest of Shola extends southwards. This hiking trail is moderately challenging. However you can enjoy picturesque mountain valleys, peaks, rivers and the western Ghats rain forests. You will be fascinated by the view from this top. The lowering of the height towards the north of western Ghats can be seen from this summit. This mountain trekking trail in Coorg needs to be completed on a day trip.

10. Virajpet Coffee Plantations

You have ever tried Coorg Coffee and then on the Coorg Tour in July you should try it once. To walk on the coffee plantation, you must reach Virajpet. Here you can enjoy fresh garden coffee. This is the best place to interact and take photographs with coffee plantation workers. There are private coffee plantations here. However, they promote tourism by allowing the tourist hike to make you a special brew in cafes in the coffee plantations and by drinking handpicketed coffee seeds. This is the best place to visit in these cafés with family and coffee lovers.

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