The Do’s & Don’ts of Selling Used Cell Phones Online

So, you are a Tech Geek like us. Getting your hands on the latest devices is your hobby. Especially when it comes to cell phones. But whether you purchase an Android, iPhone or a Windows, smartphone devices definitely aren’t a cheap purchase.

Deciding to sell your used cell phones online or in offline stores could be a good habit of upgrading to a newer version of smartphone. Not only you get to earn some extra cash out of it but you make your old smartphone into a good use.

Either they are refurbished for resell or they are safely recycled. But before you sell your phones online there are some things that you must learn. Below we have listed the do’s and don’ts of selling your used cell phones online that you must follow.

Don’t be dishonest with the details

Usually you will come across with two types of buyers – those who will browse through products after products until it pleases them or those who know what they want exactly. But your aim as a seller must be to provide complete details of the device that you are selling.

No matter which type of buyer you are selling away your cell phone to, make sure you don’t withstand any information from them. Don’t be dishonest about the capabilities and condition of your smartphone. If you are honest with the details then buyers know exactly what they are expecting to get.

If you lie about the tiniest detail then you can lose the trust from buyers and make your trade-in impossible.

Do click some photos to sell your phone online

It’s all about visually appealing when it comes to online stores. So, a product that has decent images would be selling faster than a product that has no images at all. Make sure to take images of your smartphone from good angles so that the buyers can get a good look of your device.

Also, click photos of diagnostic info on the cell phone like the ESN or IMEI number. You may even want to take images of your phone when it’s turned on. This will appeal the buyers into checking out your phone.

Don’t forget to back up your data and reset the device

Your cell phone is loaded with data. Data that are personal and you most definitely don’t want them to get deleted or even worse be exposed to someone else. Hence, make sure you backup all your phone’s data securely so that you can import them in your new phone.

Also, perform the factory reset function to clear out your device and set it back to the default stage. After you reset your phone, you will be logged out from all the apps and back up platforms on your phone.

Do estimate the price of your cell phone

In order to get a better understanding of the value of your smartphone make sure you run an estimation price check online. There are many estimation sites where they give you the right price for your used cell phone.

Depending on the model of your cell phone and its condition, they give you an estimated price for trade-in. You will be better prepared with the buyers for the negotiation of price once you know the right estimated price of your used cell phone.


So, what are you waiting for? The above enumerated are some do’s and don’ts of selling used cell phones online. Make sure to follow them for a smooth and profitable trade-in of your smartphone.

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