Three Things to Remember When Purchasing a Used Truck for Your Business

The reasons for which a business or a freelance professional would choose to buy a used truck instead of one that was brand new are greatly varied and quite numerous. For one thing, there is the issue of price—it is common knowledge that a car which has been previously used will sell for much less than one with a similar configuration, but brand new. For another thing, many experts will be adamant about convincing you that, in spite of all the advances in the automotive industry and current technological developments, many older truck models have features which you can no longer find on today’s makes. This might or might not be true, but the truth is that opting for used trucks instead of new ones for your business can substantially improve your margins, especially since a truck purchase is quite a hefty investment. As such, we’ve compiled a list of three aspects to remember prior to purchasing your new… second-hand vehicle. Read on and remember these pointers when you go into the truck dealership.

Do as Thorough a Check-up as Possible

When you go in to look at potential truck choices, never close the deal then and there, in the showroom. Always insist for the dealer to accompany you to an outdoor location, where you can freely examine the vehicle in natural daylight. Many lots are specifically lit, so as to conceal any possible issues or defects with the truck. Also, make sure the outdoor location you select has relatively level terrain, as bumps in the ground will prevent you from properly assessing the fluid levels in the truck. Pay particular attention to the joints on the body panel and check the bottom of every separate door. Also remember to take a good look at the cabin’s roof. You will be checking for rust: any bump in the roof means the surface underneath has become corroded with rust.

Warranty Matters

When you’re browsing the market for a used vehicle, you know you’ll be basically settling for less guarantees. However, since a truck is a more expensive vehicle, which is sure to drive your budget higher than any regular car, you should definitely make an effort to locate a truck that is relatively new. Shop around for a newer model, which still has at least a portion of the manufacturers original warranty in place. Most cars these days will retain their “power-train” coverage for the engine and transmission system for longer than the rest of the car itself. This means that, even if you’re buying a used truck, you might still be able to enjoy some peace of mind—in the area of a year or so, during which you know you’ll be safe from damage expenses.

CPOs Rule

A CPO is a certified, pre-owned vehicle. Both regular automobiles and trucks can be covered by this policy, which applies to newer models of cars, with less than fifty thousand miles under their proverbial belt and several multi-point inspections. Such cars are never returned to the market without any required service work or upkeep take care of. What is more, CPOs are backed by the automotive-maker, which adds a further level of security to the whole deal.

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