Useful Tips For Redecorating The House After Covid Period

The spread of the novel Coronavirus has put everyone stepping out of their homes in the danger of getting infected. It has become essential to maintain social distance to get through this difficult time. The lockdown imposed to curb the spread of COVID19 is meant to last another few months before we can comfortably engage in any social interactions. 

Staying at home for long periods due to the sudden change in lifestyle can induce anxiety. To combat this, you can use the current time to plan your future home redecoration project which you can execute once this is over. Here are some useful tips for redecorating your house after Covid period:

  • Since you are spending your entire time at home, get reacquainted with it. Understand the space well – the rooms, the structure, the sources of natural light and use this information to figure out how to create a better space. This way you can come up with a good design plan for your home without taking the risk of inviting decorators into your space. 
  • Surf online for ideas. What kind of ambience do you prefer? Do you like spacious looking setups or a space where a lot of different design elements come together? Do you like muted pastels or a burst of colors? What textures do you find interesting? Research, study the details and save images of spaces you like.
  • Make the most of the wallpaper trend to jazz up your space. Apart from being very economical, wallpapers are very easy to install. From geometrics to florals to abstract designs, wallpapers are a great way to enliven any space without adding any clutter. For instance, to create a fun living room for the post Covid period, you can add a nature-inspired 3d imported wallpaper to an accent wall and paint the rest in a complementing color.
  • Whether you want to just wallpaper the walls or completely tear them down, start with a plan. Pick a theme and a color scheme. It sets the mood for the house. Also, keep in mind your budget for the project. You can then easily shortlist stuff that suit your design plan and discard anything that doesn’t fit the bill.
  • Experiment with art and engage in some DIY designing to add a personal touch to your home. For example, you can get a wall painted in a neutral color and dedicate it to your family memories by hanging pictures of your favourite moments. You can also frame and hang your kids drawings made in the lockdown as a reminder of how they made the best of their time in such a challenging situation.
  • Use this Covid period to figure out wasted areas or dark corners in your home that can be transformed for better utilization. Is there a corner that’s not being used well? Find a way to add some life into it by adding a bright color paint, some small plants and a shelf to turn it into a practical storage space. You can use the shelf as a book library or as a display for things you have collected during your travels in the past.
  • Your home must reflect your personal sense of style. It can be formal or fun, modern or traditional and can emit warmth or coolness. But at the same time, it should also be easy to clean considering the pandemic has taught us how important it is to keep our surroundings as clean as possible. Make use of washable wallpapers and building materials that are more sterile than others for a more comfortable cleaning experience.
  • The COVID19 pandemic fear has put a space between us and our family members as well as the outside world to prevent its spread. This has induced the need for separate spaces for different activities to allow some breathing room. Make sure to build a living room space for spending good quality time with your family and friends in the post Covid future when we can finally sit next to each other without bothering about getting infected.
  • The days we spend trapped in our homes are making us realize the beauty of outside. This has led us to understand the importance of brightening our homes as much as possible. The lockdown has also made the need for open spaces more evident – even if it’s just a small balcony. If you do not have the luxury of a balcony, try to incorporate big windows in your design plans to allow natural light to flow in. It opens up a room making it look more lively and even provides a view out the window. 
  • Add a bit of the nature into your homes by adding potted plants to your home. Create a green corner in your balcony or in a space that receives a good amount of sunlight. Plants bring a soothing vibe to any space and greatly influence our mental well being. If you’re not very good at taking care of plants, ask your local florists for plants that require very little maintenance. 
  • Our homes are no longer just a place to rest – they have become our substitute offices, classrooms, and even gyms. It’s too soon to tell whether we would still opt for spending more time at home in the post Covid era, but nevertheless we must be prepared. It is important to remember this factor when redecorating your home for the future. With more and more companies opting for permanent work from home for their employees, you may want to build a designated workplace in order to efficiently work without distractions.   
  • Without a doubt, the COVID19 pandemic has made our life monotonous. To change the uninteresting lifestyle adopted during this phase, pick fresh and vibrant colors for your home. To avoid spending too much on unnecessary decor items, enrich your space with wallpapers. They add character to a room without the need for an additional design element.

It is of paramount importance to stay indoors right now to ensure the safety of your family. But things will get better soon. Use the current time to keep your family engaged by brainstorming ideas for your home decor with imported wall paper and it will deliver a fantastic result later. This also allows you to spend more time with your family members. And in the end, you will have a fabulous story to tell people of how you made the most of the Covid period by showing them your beautiful home.

Author bio– Saloni Vohra is a content marketing specialist at SNG Royal. She has a background in content marketing, storytelling, and journalism. Saloni’s editorial focus blends Home improvement and creative strategy with topics like 3d wallpaper, imported wallpaper, kids room wallpaper, living room wallpaper.

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