What Are the Benefits of Hiring Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi?

The added value of social media is not always well interpreted and differs greatly depending on the industry in which a business operates. Nevertheless, three key reasons justify the relevance of social media in recruitment practices and demonstrate their real added value.

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Below are few benefits why to hire candidate using social media platform:

1) Reach larger pools of candidates

Unlike online job boards (or job boards) aimed at actively seeking candidates, social media allows you to reach larger pools of candidates. Social media reach passive candidates who are not necessarily looking for a new job and who, consequently, would not consult traditional posting sites, channels still widely used by companies.

Whether from a personal or professional perspective, passive candidates are present on social media. Without limiting the relevance and effectiveness of job boards, social media is proving to be much more “mainstream”, therefore inevitably rallying larger pools of candidates.

Some experts can qualify the effectiveness of social media by pointing out that the applications received through it are not always of the highest quality, especially with regard to the requirements targeted by a company. To avoid this situation, an organization needs to properly target the right social platforms to reach the right candidates. The best way to know which platform to focus your social media recruiting efforts is to conduct an employee survey and pinpoint traffic patterns.

Social media, therefore, make it possible to reach both active and passive candidates, who even without being actively seeking, can remain open to opportunities and prove to be the rare pearl so sought after.

2) Provide additional information on applicants

Social media must be included in the development of a recruitment strategy and not just to reach more candidates. A recruitment process usually includes a step of taking references from former employers. In addition to the information collected at this stage, companies can take a look at various social media, especially professional ones, to assess the fit between a candidate and the company.

Professional social media can also tell us about the consistency between the curriculum vitae submitted by a candidate and their actual professional experience. Elements highlighting the candidate’s creativity or written communication skills that stand out may also emerge from a candidate’s different profiles on social media.

3) Promote the employer brand

Social media represent a hub in the dissemination of the employer brand. Adopted in more than 75% of cases, social media is the most used communication tool to communicate the employer brand, followed by career sections of websites with just under 65% (Minchington, 2014).

A company with a deep knowledge of its identity and its DNA will spread an employer brand that will succeed in attracting the candidates so desired, with the mission, vision and values conveyed by the company. Note that the publications highlighting the employer brand are also the ones that generate the most interest among subscribers on social media.

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Why use social media marketing for your business

1. Get to know about your client better

If we know your target audience perfectly, y business will be closer to being a success. Through social networks, we will get to know the interests, needs and tastes of the people who are part of your target, and you will offer them the right products, in the right way.

2. A more efficient customer service

Through social networks, the company can answer specific questions or queries from users and help them with everything they need. Their complaints can also be echoed to improve certain aspects.

3. Easy and free content dissemination

Social networks are another means of communication in which to advertise our products. In addition, it is totally free, so it si easy to get more leads in small budget.

4. Better SEO positioning

To find ourselves in the top positions when users do a certain search, it is important to be adequately present on the most important social networks.

5. Increase the level of influence

As we gain followers on the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube), our brand image will be strengthened, and we will be better known by consumers.

6. Higher web traffic

The content on social networks can be a direct gateway for users to visit our website. Thus, we will gain organic and direct traffic.

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