Why Are Natural Supplements a Bad Option for Humans Health

You must have heard about several natural supplements or herbs claimed to help with erectile dysfunction. Most men with erectile dysfunction prefer such supplements over prescription as they believe it could be a better treatment with presumably less side effects.

But, do you know?

Natural options are not always the right ones one should be going for– often they are not suitable, or they take a really long while which almost makes one dishevel. So what do you do?

Well, if you still have doubt if natural supplements or herbs for erectile dysfunction could be a better choice, consider the points down below: and judge to choose the right treatment for ED.

Most supplements or herbs are fake-claimed

If you believe all the claims made by brand specific supplements to improve erection and stamina, you are probably going to make a mess.Most of these supplements and their claims about treating your erectile health are fake.

These supplements do nothing but gradually affect your organs which is in no way a good treatment for a specific disorder whether it is erectile dysfunction. Instead, there are FDA approved medicines for ED such as Viagra (sildenafil). Even if you are preferring stronger effects from the very first serving, getting a Viagra 200 mg prescription is all you want.

Well, supplements for ED are definitely not the right decision if you are getting them in their very raw form and process them by yourself at home– brands that claim their supplements to work for male erection issues contain some ingredients that could be a threat to your health.

Natural supplements are not science-backed

You may consider that natural supplements are proven by science and help experts to treat a certain type of health condition: as if erectile dysfunction. But, no natural supplement or herb is backed by science to work 100% times and 100% effectively to treat a health condition.

Anyway, supplements are meant to support a function or a treatment to boost its effectiveness is not a system: not to be a sole matter as the treatment itself. From ancient times, herbs and supplements are being recommended and used by people, and they work– but when it comes to ED, no supplement or herb is backed by science to help one with his erection issues.

But definitely, using some aphrodisiac supplements with FDA approved prescription medication Cialis 40 mg or other recommended dose might help.

Natural supplements take longer

When you have already made a mess not being able to perform well in bed with your partner, waiting for natural supplements to work gradually is not a good choice.

It is much obvious that natural supplements or herbs will take longer to work in comparison with medications, especially when it is Viagra (sildenafil) or other PDE-5 inhibitors. Talking about ED drugs, they hardly take 30-45 minutes to kick off in the system and help get erection upon stimulation.

In what case are natural supplements worth?

Yes, it is a fact that natural supplements are a bad option for erectile dysfunction. But, if the condition is caused by some cause which can easily be improved with some natural supplement or herb, why would one go for medication.

One of the factors that develop ED is emotional health i.e. low sexual libido– and there are some aphrodisiac supplements and foods such as yohimbe, rhodiola rosea, or watermelon that could help boost libido and eventually boost erectile health.

So, when you are diagnosed with low sexual desire or libido, some natural supplement or food could really help out: probably better than any medication or surgical option.


It is not that natural supplements are worthless but sometimes they are not the right pick for your erectile condition. Treatment for erectile dysfunction changes with its underlying cause and in some cases such as low libido, supplements could be the right pick otherwise, medicines are good to go.

Hope this post helped!

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